LotR: Warriors of Sauron

Under The War of the Ring rule system, forces of Mordor are able to have undead Ghostly Legions.  As these seemed completely appropriate to an army of the Necromancer, I of course had to have a small force of them.

I plan on having an Army of the Dead serving my Good forces eventually so I wanted these to stand out and not use the same models.  Instead, I took my inspiration from where the Necromancer would most likely collect the spirits that will serve him.  My Ghostly Legion therefore is mostly made up of Men (primarily Rohan with some Gondorians), Orcs and Goblins.  

Their Captain happens to be a certain Captain of Gondor that fell to Uruk arrows.  You can see him in a couple shots from one of my War of the Ring games, but I will have to post better pics here when I get my models out again.  I used the plastic Boromir from the Mines of Moria set with just a little modifications and am proud and amused by the results.  


Some of my Wargs. These serve me both in my Isengard and Dol Guldur / Mordor armies.

The models had an option of leaving out a small piece of plastic just behind the neck which would reveal a small hole in the back of the model.  The Warg Riders had a matching peg on the bottom of their saddle that would fit into this.  Since I use these as both Wild Wargs and as mounts for Warg Riders, I elected to glue the full Warg together and paint it, while also cutting & filing the mount peg off the riders.  I can now use just a small piece of Blue Tak when I want to hold a Rider on.  This also makes it easy to handle situations where the Rider is killed and the Warg survives its Courage Test to stay in the game.

On a side note...I never understood why Games Workshop's official painting guide used grey faces for these things, but I went with what I hope would be a more realistic color scheme.