LotR: Fallen Kingdom Warriors

A nice thing about the armies of Harad in Lord of the Rings is the room for flexibility in theme.  The background lends itself to representing Harad as a collection of relatively independent rulers of clans, who are more or less following the strongest such leader, Suladan, in the service of Sauron.  As such I have been developing my Harad army for Stragety Battle Game and War of the Ring around a wealthy tribe that maintains a strong cavalry of Raiders and employees Corsairs from Umbar to both protect their own shipping interests while liberating goods from others.  Oh...and they have not one but THREE Mumukil in their army.  Where the standard Harad theme is typically based around red and gold colors I have elected purple as my highlight and use tans and browns for the rest of the cloths.

I still need to finish some details and complete the base, then seal with a good dull coat spray to get rid of the shine and protect them during play.  But I'm very pleased with the color scheme and results.