Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Games

Treebeard and a force of Wood Elves and Sentinels from Thranduil's Halls defends a village of Men from a horde of spiders, Cave Trolls and Orcs from the deep.

Boromir and his Knights of Gondor have a second go at my War Mumuk and some Haradrim.  It doesn't go well for Gondor.

This was a special one-day tournament that I wrote and ran at Elite Hobbies.  It was a series of three linked games with the theme of trying to recover one of the Seven Rings given to the Dwarves and thought long lost. 

Each player started with a small force of 250 points and gain some points between games.  Your victory or loss per game had an influence in how you started your next game.  Your Heroes could only recover a limited amount of Might, Will and Fate between games and you could recover some losses of troops between games as well, so you had to play with the long term goal in mind.

The Mouth of Sauron leads a force from Mordor into the Khazad Dum...just because.

Two games today.

First, trying out my Mumuk of Harad against Boromir of Gondor and some of his Knights.

Second was my typical "Forces of Light" army (Saruman the White, Thranduil and a force of Wood Elves) against the Witch King of Angmar, two Mordor Trolls and a host of Orcs.